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Loris Ortile

« My world is made of sparks, creativity, and precision. In every work I create, strength and elegance merge through my skill and attention to detail, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for the customer in every piece that comes to life. »

My story. My passion.

My dedication to wrought iron is intrinsically connected to the pursuit of beauty and elegance, values that I deeply admire in art, especially when they manifest in design objects.

My journey in this fascinating discipline has been influenced by destiny itself, leading me to encounter an extraordinary master of art. Captivated by my overwhelming passion and inexhaustible creativity, the master decided to introduce me to the art of forging.

Over the years, my constant desire for excellence has taken me to Paris, a city renowned for art and luxury. Here, I gained a profound awareness of my skills and made the decisive decision to dedicate my career to the luxury sector.

My values

My core values are skill, open-mindedness, and courage. These principles allow me to ensure an exceptional level of expertise and precision in crafting every type of artifact.

I am curious and open to new solutions, always ready to engage with other professionals, as I firmly believe there is not a single way to do things. This constant openness to experimentation fuels my continually evolving creativity, without pre-established limits.

Challenges do not intimidate me; I see them as opportunities for growth and innovation. My extensive experience gives me the confidence to approach every situation with determination, always ensuring the ideal solution to fully meet the needs of my clients. My goal is to guarantee them the utmost satisfaction, and I do so with passion and competence, constantly striving to surpass my own standards.